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Meet Eddie Corazon, a 16-year-old former straight-A student turned juvenile delinquent. Eddie is smart, funny, and angry at being treated like a "future felon" by the school system. If you liked Dangerous Minds, you'll LOVE Muchacho! (This book is the full-length novel originally self-published as the novella Alternative Ed and Yo Eddie!.)

Muchacho won the 2010 Skipping Stones Award for multicultural books and was selected for the American Library Association Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers list for 2010.

Advice for new and experienced teachers on classroom management, discipline, motivation, and morale. Practical suggestions for arranging your room, talking to students, avoiding the misbehavior cycle, and making school a place where students learn and teachers teach. And step-by-step instructions for introducing Shakespeare to reluctant readers.
New chapters in the revised second edition (March 2011) include Foods for Thought (EFA's, the Big Fat Problem, etc) and Light and Learning (scotopic sensitivity and the effects of natural/fluorescent lighting on student achievement), as well as The Posse Update - where the Dangerous Minds students are today.

The latest from Alyce Shirleydaughter. Available only from the author.

A book for elementary school readers, based on the true story of Pardo, a wild burro.

Dangerous Minds (My Posse Don't Do Homework)
My Posse was retitled Dangerous Minds in 1995 after the movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer. Because I wasn't involved in writing the script, the movie is quite different from the book. The book describes real events and real students -- and I may be biased, but I think it's better than the movie.
By the way, the publisher stopped printing the book and I asked for the rights to be reverted to me, so I could have it published. After a year, they decided to publish it as print-on-demand with a plain white cover. Sigh.

Kick-Start Your Class
Academic icebreakers for teachers - can also be used for other groups: book groups, dating groups, Sunday school, etc.

Queen of Education
Going out of print - some of this material will be in the new, revised 2nd edition of Teaching Outside the Box. Other material will be published as essays and articles in education publications -- or my new monthly blog.

The Girls in the Back of the Class
Meet more students who overcame incredible challenges and emerged as successful high school graduates. Read about "My Spanish Babies," lots of student journals, and find out what really happened to Emilio. In this book, my junior class reads The Merchant of Venice -- then they rewrite and perform the play as The Lonely Tycoon.

Currently out of print.