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An Open Letter to Congress

Hey, Congress!

Are you listening and watching? I'm not talking about daily debacles created by the ridiculous behavior of Mr. T -- everybody watches him because, like gory auto accidents, it's hard to turn away from the spectacle. But you need to turn away, so you can see what is happening in the country you are bound by oath and honor to represent. Americans are angry. We are frightened. We are worried. We are embarrassed. We are ashamed. Innocent children are DYING in our country because they are being held in cages in order to punish their parents who were desperate to escape inhumane living conditions.

We are watching our democracy being systematically dismantled by a President who honors Putin and dishonors American heroes, who honors dictators and dishonors venerable members of our government, who clearly cares more about whether he drew a line on an outdated weather map than he does about PEOPLE DYING from a deadly tornado.

We are afraid to go shopping or to the movies or out to dinner because we might be attacked by white supremacist terrorists who have decided they need to kill innocent Americans in order to get ride of the "imaginary immigrant hordes" who are supposedly attacking our borders.

We are being held hostage by lunatics with assault rifles because Congress has failed to take any action to protect us. Americans are united, across economic, racial, ethnic, and political lines -- WE WANT YOU TO PASS SENSIBLE GUN CONTROL LEGISLATION. It couldn't be more clear. And if Mitch McConnell won't allow Congress to vote, then Democrats must to something to make that vote happen. If it means impeaching the President, then do it. If it means something else, then do that. But you need to do SOMETHING. If you don't take action now, you don't deserve to be members of Congress. You don't deserve to hold any public office because you don't have the integrity or courage to represent or protect your employers, the American people.

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