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Canine Cancer Cure

This will be a short one. I just wanted to share my recent experience battling Mast Cell Tumors on my little dog, Nellie. She developed four tumors last year from environmental allergies. We moved to a warmer climate and she was fine for a few months, then developed seasonal allergies and 7 tumors on her muzzle, chin, and back foot. Her eyes were runny and she couldn't breathe well - woke up every night choking for air. Yikes!
I have used herbs to cure allergies for myself successfully, so I decided to see if I could find something to help her, since medications didn't. After many hours of research, I found some articles online about herbal and nutritional treatments for dogs and cats with cancer, specifically MCT. Several websites mentioned the same herbs, so I did a search and came up with two products from Only Natural Pet online. I ordered Aller Free 7 liquid allergy drops which contain 7 herbs including stinging nettle, licorice and mullein. I also ordered Aller Free Advanced Support chews with more herbs and omega3, etc.
Four days have gone by and the tumors are gone. No more scratching or wheezing. No more drippy eyes. Yay!

Just a note about food. I bought all the expensive premium and organic foods - but they can't match home cooked food. I settled on a recipe that is easy, nutritious, delicious and healthy. It consists of 50% turkey, lean pork & grass-fed beef, 25% broccoli, carrots and peas, 25% organic brown rice. I cook everything, toss it in the food processor, add some vitamins (I put in two capsules of Naturelo vitamins - everything in them is good for dogs), and one capsule of probiotics. Then a sprinkle of L-gluatmine (amino acid) powder which heals intestines. I store it in the frig and add the Aller Free chews, chopped up. Yum!
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