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An Open Letter to Congress

Hey, Congress!

Are you listening and watching? I'm not talking about daily debacles created by the ridiculous behavior of Mr. T -- everybody watches him because, like gory auto accidents, it's hard to turn away from the spectacle. But you need to turn away, so you can see what is happening in the country you are bound by oath and honor to represent. Americans are angry. We are frightened. We are worried. We are embarrassed. We are ashamed. Innocent children are DYING in our country because they are being held in cages in order to punish their parents who were desperate to escape inhumane living conditions.

We are watching our democracy being systematically dismantled by a President who honors Putin and dishonors American heroes, who honors dictators and dishonors venerable members of our government, who clearly cares more about whether he drew a line on an outdated weather map than he does about PEOPLE DYING from a deadly tornado.

We are afraid to go shopping or to the movies or out to dinner because we might be attacked by white supremacist terrorists who have decided they need to kill innocent Americans in order to get ride of the "imaginary immigrant hordes" who are supposedly attacking our borders.

We are being held hostage by lunatics with assault rifles because Congress has failed to take any action to protect us. Americans are united, across economic, racial, ethnic, and political lines -- WE WANT YOU TO PASS SENSIBLE GUN CONTROL LEGISLATION. It couldn't be more clear. And if Mitch McConnell won't allow Congress to vote, then Democrats must to something to make that vote happen. If it means impeaching the President, then do it. If it means something else, then do that. But you need to do SOMETHING. If you don't take action now, you don't deserve to be members of Congress. You don't deserve to hold any public office because you don't have the integrity or courage to represent or protect your employers, the American people.

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How I Became My Own Doctor

On July 7th of this year, I happened upon a YouTube video that changed my life - literally. Prior to that date, I had done a lot of reading, research and experimentation with organic foods, quality supplements and essential oils. Although I was pretty healthy for a 65-year-old woman, I found myself gaining weight just around my middle. I had arthritis in my hands, dangerously high blood sugar, low thyroid, and occasional insomnia, along with lots of nighttime bathroom visits. Many of my symptoms seemed to be related to diabetes and fatty liver, although my weight was considered normal, so I went online to research natural ways to combat a fatty liver and diabetes. Most of the videos advised me to do things I was already doing: no sodas, no wheat, no refined sugar, lots of veggies, etc. But then a video popped up on the right of my screen with the title "Your Liver - Your Project Manager." Intrigued, I clicked on the link. Every day, I am grateful that I did because that video, narrated by Barbara O'Neill who runs the Misty Mountain Health Retreat in Australia, taught me how to be my own doctor. Literally. After viewing the first one, I searched out every video I could find and I watched about twenty of them. Inspired by Barbara's straightforward manner, her sense of humor, her obvious sincerity, and the fact that after having six children, she has a youthful, supple figure, I decided to take her advice. I went to my kitchen and gathered all the foods that were packaged -- even the expensive organic gluten-free foods -- and took them to the local food bank. And I kept the organic eggs, quinoa, lentils, broccoli, carrots, celery, zucchini, avocados, strawberries, blueberries, acacia fiber, and sea salt.

I stopped putting chopped dates (too sugary) in my morning quinoa pancake. I started putting a dab of sea salt on my tongue each time I drank a glass of water during the day. I made a poultice out of grated raw potato and taped it to my jaw where I had an infected tooth scheduled for a root canal. I grated some raw garlic and taped it to the soles of my feet. I sprinkled cayenne pepper on all my food and I made a poultice to place on my neck (I didn't keep it on because it started itching). Each day, I steamed a big pot of veggies for dinner and added a generous spoon of butter and another spoon of coconut oil, along with some sea salt, cayenne pepper and sesame seed sprinkles. When I popped some organic popcorn, I added a tablespoon each of melted butter, coconut oil and olive oil, along with a dash of cayenne pepper and a liberal dose of sea salt. I started adding a squirt of lemon juice to my morning glass of water, and I drank two cups of green tea every day.

Within four days, I could see changes. My painful tooth infection was gone (later confirmed by my dentist). My hands no longer ached from arthritis. I made one bathroom visit during the night even when I drank water just before bed. I was so excited, it was easy to stick with the new healthy program. I followed Barbara's advice about getting 15 minutes of sun every day and going out in the early morning and evening to bathe my face in the rays to get my daily dose of Vitamin D3 and to reset my circadian rhythm.

Within a few weeks, the fat around my stomach had melted away. My bowel movements were quick, easy and regular. My insomnia was gone and I woke up each day shortly after sunrise feeling immediately alert. My body temp went from its normal 95 or 96 to 98.4 -- something that had never happened before. I always had cold hands and feet and took nutritional supplements to try to boost my thyroid. I stopped taking all supplements and gradually added back a good multi for women (I take Eve gel caps by NOW Foods), and I take one fish oil and one primrose oil cap at night which relieves dry eyes and helps regular hormones. Oh, yes, I took Barbara's advice and ordered some high-quality wild yam cream that I apply very sparingly before bed each night. I never have hot flashes or other menopausal-related symptoms.

Now, four months later, I have lost 10 pounds. My stomach is flat and my thighs have lost the extra weight. My blood sugar is normal (confirmed by my doctor). I no longer have any arthritis. My body temp is normal, even at night - no more cold hands and feet. (If I feel cold, I just take a bit of cayenne pepper mixed with coconut oil and manuka honey and it quickly fixes the problem.) I don't get hungry between meals. I don't crave sugar. I have energy to do projects around the house and I don't wake up with numb hands in the middle of the night after using a drill or a hammer for a few hours. My skin is clear, my eyes are bright, my vision seems better and I no longer need to take a supplement to combat depression. Once in a while I take an L-tryptophan if I feel my mood is slipping due to cloudy days, but otherwise, I feel much more balanced and like "my old self."

If you have any of these health issues, or if you just want to feel better, do yourself a favor and check out Barbara O'Neill's videos, books and web site. In 30 years of reading and research about nutrition and health, I can say that she is the best of the best. She isn't trying to sell products and become rich. Her goal, clearly, is to teach people how to heal themselves. And I am so grateful to have the benefit of her knowledge and experience.

Thanks, Barb!!!

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Dr. Ford was too damned NICE!

After eight years of active duty military service (U.S. Navy and U.S. Marines), and a dozen years working with gangsters and tough guys, I learned that when bullies sense fear or weakness, they pounce harder. And that's exactly what happened to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford when she testified before Congress. She acted like a nice little girl. She thanked them for listening to her. She spoke in a soft voice. She was fair and even-tempered and transparent... in short, she was too damned nice. And so the Republican bullies dismissed her as a compliant victim. Brett Kavanaugh on the other hand, pitched a fit. He shouted and cried and rubbed his nose with his hand - no tissues for him - he's a tough guy. He insulted Senators, especially the female ones, signalling to anybody watching from the White House that he was a 'real man.' He demonstrated his sense of privilege. He felt supremely sorry for himself. He wasn't on a job interview, in his mind. He was demanding his due. How dare anybody question him?


The Republican bullies tested Dr. Ford and her lawyers even prior to the hearing, to see if they could push her around, and they learned that they could. They made demands and she complied. They gave a tiny bit of ground to her lawyers to signal their intention to play nice. And they fell for it. If Ford and her legal team had said, "We want an FBI investigation and if we don't get one, we are going to file civil criminal charges in Maryland," the Republicans might have taken them seriously. But they didn't, and so they didn't.


Here's why I believe niceness doesn't work. I grew up in rural smalltown Pennsylvania and knew nothing of the world when I graduated from high school. I lasted a month at college. It was just too scary and the frat boys were mean. So I went home. My mother, who had never travelled outside of our county, urged me to join the Navy and see the world. "I think they're letting the girls drive the boats now, Honey," she said. "And you will learn to be a journalist and they will pay for you to go to college."  A dutiful daughter, I went. Boot camp wasn't that bad. But as soon as I reported to my first duty station in Norfolk, the harassment began. I was called a cunt, a bitch, and a beaver. That was just the enlisted men. My executive officer, J.B. Waddington, the Third, verbally assaulted me daily with sexist jokes, innuendos and insults. When I protested, everybody laughed. I was the only woman in the office, of course. So I thought perhaps without an audience, Commander W would be nicer. I requested permission to speak to him in his office. I explained that his jokes and comments were hurtful and upsetting. "I'm the XO," he said. "When I tell a joke, you laugh." Ooooo...kay.....


After about six months of daily verbal and emotional abuse, Commander W made an extremely rude comment about me in front of a group of NATO officers from around the world. The other officers looked shocked. Commander W gloated, proud of his rudeness. Enough. I stormed into our office, swept everything off my desk onto the floor and shouted, "I am not a dog and I will not be treated like one. I have had enough. I quit." And I marched to the barracks to await my fate. This happened on a Friday, so all weekend long I listened to my fellow WAVES warn me that I was headed for the brig or a dishonorable discharge. Frightened but determined, I said, "If they lock me up or kick me up, I'll write a book about them." They convinced me to go to work Monday so I wouldn't be charged as AWOL. When I arrived at the office, all the men looked big-eyed and serious. Nobody greeted me. Nobody smiled. A few seconds later, Commander W walked into the room carrying a dozen red roses. He placed them on my desk and said, "I'm sorry for the way I spoke to you. It won't happen again."  Of course, as soon as he left the room, one of the sailors whispered, "Stupid fucking bitch. If that had been a guy, he'd have gotten busted for sure."  My Chief, a seasoned vet, called me aside and said, "You just learned a valuable lesson. If somebody is out of line, they can't bust you for reacting without stepping on their own tail. Remember that, but don't take advantage of it."


A few years later, while working in a radio-tv station in the Philippines, an Air Force aviator strutted past me at work. I was removing copy from a teletype machine that was located under the counter. When I bent down to retrieve the papers, the pilot whacked me on the ass with his clipboard. Hard. I stood up and said, "I don't know you, Sir, and I don't appreciate being hit. Please keep your hands to yourself." He laughed and walked into an adjoining office. A few minutes later, he reappeared and again smacked me on the ass as he passed by. This time I was prepared. I doubled up my fist and socked him on the jaw. I was wearing a small diamond ring that cut his chin. He put his hand over the cut and said, "I could court martial you for that, WAVE." On the verge of tears, I managed to hold them back. "You hit me first," I said. "That's aggravated assault, any way you slice it." Then I stomped out of the building and ran around to the back where I could huddle in the shadows and give way to my tears. Shaking, I returned to work a few minutes later. The officer was gone and I never heard another word.


Years later, after earning my college degree, I was encouraged to attend Officer Training School where I graduated first in my class and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the USMC. Immediately, one of my senior officers, a captain, began a nonstop campaign of sexual harrassment. My supervisors, all men of course, informed me that he was wrong but that he was my superior officer and I could not even look at him disrespectfully when he made lewd comments. When his harassment grew more serious and I felt I was in physical danger, I resigned my commission. I loved my job and I was good at it, but it wasn't worth my life. I wrote a book about my experiences in the early 1980's. Editors responded by saying, "This is a good book and well-written, but we don't believe it. It may be true, but people won't believe it." Sigh. Now, thirty years later, some people would believe me -- but not the Men in Charge.


Those are just three of many many incidents. Each time, I learned that when I was reasonable, polite and "nice," the abuse continued. But when I expressed outrage and justifiable anger, the bullies recognized the emotions - they were looking in the mirror.  And so, I maintain that if Dr. Ford had arrived at the hearing and began by saying, "I am outraged and insulted by the treatment I have received at the hands of this committee and at the misogynistic remarks that have been made to news reporters about me in advance of my testimony. I have been prejudged and dismissed as someone whose voice is not important. But let me tell you that my voice is important and it will be heard...." And if she had shouted and demanded justice and asserted that unacceptable behavior would not longer be acceptable, things might have gone differently. Senator Harris might have stood up and applauded. Senator Corker might have nodded his head. And Mr. Hatch and Mr. Grassley and Mr. Graham (I won't call them Senators because they don't act senatorial) would have muttered, "Stupid bitch," but they would have taken her seriously.


As this is being written, Senator Flake has just demanded a one-week delay and an FBI investigation. His voice is important and he should be heard. My fingers are crossed that the Senate does the right thing. But, either way, my voice will not be silenced. And neither will the voices of all the "bitches" who will continue protesting and who will be voting in November.

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Canine Cancer Cure

This will be a short one. I just wanted to share my recent experience battling Mast Cell Tumors on my little dog, Nellie. She developed four tumors last year from environmental allergies. We moved to a warmer climate and she was fine for a few months, then developed seasonal allergies and 7 tumors on her muzzle, chin, and back foot. Her eyes were runny and she couldn't breathe well - woke up every night choking for air. Yikes!
I have used herbs to cure allergies for myself successfully, so I decided to see if I could find something to help her, since medications didn't. After many hours of research, I found some articles online about herbal and nutritional treatments for dogs and cats with cancer, specifically MCT. Several websites mentioned the same herbs, so I did a search and came up with two products from Only Natural Pet online. I ordered Aller Free 7 liquid allergy drops which contain 7 herbs including stinging nettle, licorice and mullein. I also ordered Aller Free Advanced Support chews with more herbs and omega3, etc.
Four days have gone by and the tumors are gone. No more scratching or wheezing. No more drippy eyes. Yay!

Just a note about food. I bought all the expensive premium and organic foods - but they can't match home cooked food. I settled on a recipe that is easy, nutritious, delicious and healthy. It consists of 50% turkey, lean pork & grass-fed beef, 25% broccoli, carrots and peas, 25% organic brown rice. I cook everything, toss it in the food processor, add some vitamins (I put in two capsules of Naturelo vitamins - everything in them is good for dogs), and one capsule of probiotics. Then a sprinkle of L-gluatmine (amino acid) powder which heals intestines. I store it in the frig and add the Aller Free chews, chopped up. Yum!
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