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Me and Nellie, my canine companion

Meet Eddie Corazon, 16-year-old juvenile delinquent and secret reader. When a teacher talks him into signing up for ballroom dance class so he can earn the credits he needs to graduate, Eddie meets Lupe, a college-bound beauty who rocks his world. She even inspires him to write poetry - something Eddie can't believe himself. Surprisingly, he turns out to have a real talent for writing, as well as something to say. Not appropriate for readers under age 14 due to content and language. This story takes place at an alternative school where some of the students don't talk so pretty. But there is no gratuitous bad language, just realistic dialogue. Check out the reader reviews on Amazon and Good Reads to find out what others think.

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This book is a novel for young readers, Grades 3-7, inspired by the true story of a Miniature Schnauzer who miraculously survived being buried underground overnight when she was two weeks old. No longer in print. Sorry.

Alyce Shirleydaughter is a pen name I created in honor of my mother Alyce Shirley who taught me how to read. She died from breast cancer. I donated money from the sale of all Alyce books directly to breast cancer research.